CR12 Certificate


CR12 Certificate

If you have tried to register your company for AGPO, you have been requested to furnish the Ministry with a CR 12. This may also happen if you are trying to sell or transfer a property using your company. The AGPO is a program introduced by the Government that provides that 30% of all Government tenders should be reserved for youth, women and people with disabilities. AGPO is an acronym for Access to Government Procurement Opportunities.

A CR12 is an official confirmation by the Registrar of Companies in Kenya as to whom the directors/shareholders of a company are. It also confirms that the company’s records exist at the Company registry. It is usually signed off by the Registrar with the following details;

  1. The list of shareholders, Postal Addresses and respective shareholding;
  2. The list of Directors and their postal addresses;
  3. The Registered office of the Company; and
  4. Any debentures, charges or encumbrances registered against the company.

How do you apply for a CR 12 in Kenya?

A CR 12 is usually applied in the form of a business letter addressed to the Registrar of Companies in Kenya. The Companies Registry is located at Sheria House, opposite Embassy House in Nairobi. There is only one Registry in the whole of Kenya.

The letter provides for the company that the CR 12 is sought and the company number. The letter also requests to be provided with the details of debentures/charges against the company if any.

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